Greyhounds and Safety

greyleashesBuckle Collar

Your dog will come with a buckle collar. If you forget how to use the collar, instructions are included in your placement package.

ID Tag

All 2nd Chance dogs are placed with an ID tag. Make sure your dog wears it at all times. In addition, we suggest that you acquire a family ID tag. Statistics show that lost dogs with ID tags are returned to their owners 85% of the time. They do make the difference.


ALWAYS use a six-foot leash. Since they are sighthounds, greyhounds have a natural chasing instinct that overrides a learned command. When not on a leash the dog should be in a fully fenced-in area. Never tie the dog up outside, or place on a runner or pulley. These types of restraints are dangerous for any dog. Provide safe fencing with secure locks or be committed to walking the dog as indicated above. Electrical fencing is not acceptable, nor is a retractable leash.


It is not cruel to keep your greyhound muzzled when he is around other greyhounds. Greyhounds have very thin skin and a “little” worn off from another animal can end up in stiches or worse.