Their footprints will dance gently in our hearts forever...

a.k.a “Katy”


Our 1st Greyhound, she made us greyhound fanatics, but none could ever replace her in our hearts.

a.k.a Dice Passer,
“The Dog Who Came to Dinner”

12/89 – 7/11/00

My Heart Dog, My Buddy, My Pal. You Left a Huge Hole in my Heart.

Miss Cricket
a.k.a Kiddo

12/01/91 – 01/23/02

My first dog.  My beautiful, affectionate girl with the ever-wagging helicopter tail!

Our Beloved Hope

January 23, 1994
March 31, 2002

Forever in our hearts.

a.k.a. “Teton Willy”


Our big goofy guy, who gave the worlds best hugs. You were truly one of a kind.

Doogie Bowser
a.k.a. WW Doug,
“Mr. Happy Boy”

5/92 – 12/27/02

Doogie Loved Everyone,
He was the Spark in Our Pack,
Gone but Never Forgotten.

a.k.a Sexy-Rexy


Rex’s soul will be remembered for his loving and quiet nature. He was a people dog… he preferred being with people over dogs… if he was a person, he would have been our role model.

a.k.a Wide Drive


My Sweet Smiling, Vocal Boy.
You always had a smile for anyone who came to our home. You loved going to meet and greets. and would smile at everyone, even people who did not pet you. You were known as the smiling Greyhound to many people.
When you went anywhere you made quite an entrance, you would Bow and Roo as soon as you went through the door to let everyone know you were there.
You loved being with people. You will never be forgotten
Love your family